2008 News

2008 News and Events

January 2008

January 18th – 20th, I.D.T. Weekend , Buffalo, NY
This three day Instructor training weekend featured Datu Hartman.

February 2008

February 1st – 10th
Datu Hartman went on a four city seminar tour in Sweden. He taught three open seminars and one private seminar in Malmo, Norrköping, Linköping and Eskilstuna.

While in Sweden Datu Hartman also ran a Modern Arnis test with the following promotions:
· Kenneth Johansson – Lakan Tatlo (3rd Degree Black Belt)
· Mattias Jansson – Lakan Dalawa (2nd Degree Black Belt)
· Kristoffer Sundh – Lakan Isa (1st Degree Black Belt)
Modern Arnis test with the following promotions


February 22nd
Datu Tim Hartman, Punong Guro Sal Todaro & Master Les Kiersnowski taught a joint seminar at Team Torres in New Jersey.
Datu Tim Hartman, Punong Guro Sal Todaro & Master Les Kiersnowski

March 2008

March 15th

Datu Hartman taught a Modern Arnis and Kombatan seminar in Athol, Massachusetts at White Leopard Sikaran.

March 16th, Niagara Falls, Canada.
Datu Tim Hartman taught a seminar series on sport Arnis tactics at Tigers Lair Karate.

March 29th

Photography by Bob Hubbard

The WMAA Headquarters (Horizon Martial Arts) played host to the 2008 WMAA Team USA trials. 38 people made the team. This team will compete against Team Canada in St. Catherines, Ontario on August 10th. For more information go to www.canamborderbattle.com

April 2008

April 5 – 2008 NAFMA Ohio State Championship, held in Newcomerstown, OH
Datu Hartman won the Ohio State Championships in Stick Sparring, Weapons and Forms.

April 19th

WMAA Canada held the 2008 WMAA Team trials. 47 people made the team. This team will compete against Team USA in St. Catherines, Ontario on August 10th. For more information go to www.canamboarderbattle.com

May 2008

May 22 – 24 – NAFMA National Championships, held in Atlantic City, NJ

Datu Hartman, accompanied by five member of the Tribe, participated in the 2008 NAFMA Championships. We all kicked ass and took names. Our six members brought back nine National titles. In addition to competing, Datu Hartman was asked to be the head official in several of the featured events, including the King of the Hill sparring division. The finals for the King of the Hill division were done during the debut of the NAFMA Kickboxing Event. All members had a great time and are looking forward to next year’s event.

June 2008

June 6-8, 2008 Buffalo NY.

On June 6, 2008, the World Modern Arnis Headquarters (Horizon Martial Arts) was host to the 7th Annual WMAA Training Camp. Participants were treated to the brand new 5000 sq ft state of the art facility. Some of the amenities include:

  • 2 matted training areas totaling over 2400+ sq ft.
  • G 4000 Focus Master.
  • Professional Boxing and Kickboxing equipment.
  • Impressive pro shop offering a variety of merchandise, including training equipment, clothing and many other items.
  • Spacious lobby with a big screen TV providing a welcome rest area or a place to check email complete with wireless internet.

This year’s camp featured Grandmasters Tim Hartman and Rick Manglinong with special guests Grand Tuhon Nene Tortal (Dekiti Tirsia Siradas) and Sensei Gerri DiSanto (MMA/BJJ) and was a high energy training opportunity to over 30 participants from all over the continent.

Day one opened with GM Manglinong teaching a Kombatan session to get the weekend going. He reviewed material from previous camps, then integrated new material into the training. Next up was the founder of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas, GM Nene Tortal, who went through the basics of his family system. Everyone was delighted to see GM Tortal use Datu Hartman as his “crash test dummy”. As much as the Datu enjoyed helping Grand Tuhon Tortal, he made sure that others experienced the same “honor”.

By this time everyone had worked up quite an appetite, and a dinner break followed at the Chinese buffet.

After dinner, Sensei Gerry Di Santo covered MMA & BJJ Concepts which also served as an introduction to the new WMAA Grappling program. Sensei Gerry went over concepts on transitioning from stand up into takedowns, ground controls and submissions.

Datu Hartman closed out the training portion of the day with some old school drills for training the traditional striking patterns that Professor Presas taught in the 80s.

After the training sessions, there was a meeting for all of the camp goers who were planning on participating in the WMAA’s 2009 Tour of the Philippines. Many aspects of this trip were discussed and will be posted on the net as soon as all arrangements have been finalized.

Day 2 opened early for Black Belt testing, with several candidates testing for both Modern Arnis and Kombatan ranking. Training began with GM Tortal continuing his in-depth instruction of the Dekiti Tirsia system. Closing out the morning sessions was GM Manglinong who moved the group into more advanced Kombatan techniques. The group then broke up for lunch with most heading to a local restaurant. The afternoon sessions were opened by GM Tortal who completed his introduction to the Dekiti Tirsia system. GM Manglinong was up next with more Kombatan, with Saturdays training closed out by Datu Hartman with the WMAA EDT program and Mano-Mano techniques. After a short break, it was time for the banquet, which was a great success thanks to Janice’s excellent work as always. At the banquet, GM Tortal was presented with a birthday cake in honor of his 71st birthday.

The results of the mornings belt testing was announced with 7 testers earning rank promotions in Modern Arnis and/or Kombatan.

This year’s Camp Promotions were:

  • Edward Mengel – 4th Modern Arnis, 2nd Kombatan
  • Michael Milazzo – 2nd Kombatan
  • Michael McDonough – 1st Kombatan
  • Fern Monti – 1st Kombatan
  • Dennis Jenner – 1st Kombatan
  • Craig Balcer – 1st Modern Arnis, 1st Kombatan
  • Thomas Sam Wolf – 1st Modern Arnis, 1st Kombatan
  • Scott Caffrey – 3rd Modern Arnis, 1st Kombatan
  • Marion Kellogg received her Dayang diploma from last year’s instructor camp.

In addition to these rank promotions, the following people were also named Chief Instructors for their respective states:

  • PG Sal Todaro – Pennsylvania
  • Ed Mengel – Maryland and Metro DC
  • Sam Wolf – Ohio

It was also announced that while Datu Hartman was in the Philippines, he was designated Chief Instructor for New York by GGM Ernesto Presas.

Congratulations to all of the promotees!

As usual Datu Hartman used the dinner as an opportunity to discuss future plans and goals for the WMAA. This year he announced the addition of a sports division to the organization. This will feature anyos (forms), open hand as well as stick fighting events. Four tournaments were announced for the ’08 season as follows:

  • June 14, 2008 The Pak Classic Mt Gilead, OH
  • July 12, 2008 Queen City Laban Laro Buffalo, NY
  • August 10, 2008 Can-Am Border Battle St. Catharines, ON Canada
  • October 4, 2008 Queen City Karate Classic Buffalo, NY

After more socializing, the majority of the group retired to watch the new FMA Arnis-Kali-Eskrima movie produced by and starring Great GM Ernesto Presas. Both Datu Hartman and GM Manglinong had cameo appearances in the movie.

Day 3 was a short day, as both GM Manglinong and GM Tortal had to be at the airport early for their flights. Datu Hartman opened up the day with a school owner’s seminar – “The Value of and Selling Memberships”. Training then was opened by GM Manglinong who finished off the Kombatan segment of the camp, followed by Datu Hartman with Advanced Tapi-Tapi. This year’s camp then closed out with honors given to the late GM Presas.

Providing photographic services this year again was photographer and WMAA web designer Bob Hubbard.

July 2008

July 12th, Buffalo, NY – Queen City Laban Laro Tournament
Datu Tim Hartman hosted the Queen City Laban Laro Tournament. Events included Single Stick, Double Stick and Sword Sparring.

July 18-20th 2008 MartialTalk/Kenpotalk/FMATalk/WNYMartialArts 2008 Meet and Greet
Datu Tim Hartman taught at this years event.

Photography by Bob Hubbard

7-20-2008 Team USA Training

August 2008

August 1st – 3rd, Buffalo, NY. 5th Annual WMAA Black Belt Camp – Instructors Camp.
This three day training camp featured Datu Hartman.

September 2008

September 15, 2008 – Site ReDesign

Datu Hartman’s website redesigned by Bob Hubbard

September 16th, Rochester, NY. – Sport Arnis Seminar
Datu Tim Hartman taught a seminar on Sport Arnis Tactics.

October 2008

October 4th, Buffalo, NY – Queen City Karate Classic
Datu Tim Hartman hosted the Queen City Laban Laro Tournament. Events included Weapon, Forms and Fighting.

Photography by Bob Hubbard

October 11th & 12th, Chicago, IL. – Nagasulong Seminar and Tournament
Datu Tim Hartman was a guest instructor at the 2008 Nagasulong Seminar and Tournament. The seminar instructor list is as follows:
Grand Tuhon Jerson ‘Nene’ Tortal / Dekti-Tirsia siradas
Grandmaster Alfredo Bandalan / Doce Alfredo Pares Eskrima
Datu Tim Hartman / Modern Arnis – Kombatan – Balintawak Concepts
Guru Samuel Clark / Pencal Silat
Isidro Trajillo / Hawaiian Lua
Sensei Jose Duenas / Danzan Ryu JuJutsu
Guro Ron Kazak / Lucay Lucay Kali / Panantukan

October 18th, Philadelphia, PA.
Datu Tim Hartman taught a seminar on Presas Modern Arnis Stick & Knife Concepts.

October 25th, Buffalo, NY – Bando Seminar
Datu Tim Hartman hosted a Bando seminar featuring Dr. Maung Gyi.

Photography by Bob Hubbard

November 2008

November 1st, Mt. Gilead, OH.
Datu Tim Hartman taught a seminar on Presas Modern Arnis and Kombatan Stick & Knife Concepts.