Datu Hartman teaching in Barbados

Datu on Legends of FMA Tour

Datu making new friends in the Philippines

Datu Hartman with GM Tony Diego

Datu with movie star James Lew

Datu Tim HartmanPresident and Technical Director of World Modern Arnis Alliance, is one of the most sought after instructors of Filipino Martial Arts in the world. Hartman has conducted seminars in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Barbados, Venezuela, Chile, Italy, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, as well as the United States. Hartman is one of six people in the world to hold the title of “Datu” or chieftain in Modern Arnis. His 6th degree Black belt was personally awarded to him by Grand Master Remy Amador Presas. Hartman’s current rank is Grand Master, awarded by Remy’s brother, Ernesto.

6th World Sikaran Championships

6th World Sikaran Championships

Horizon Martial Arts Competition Team Garner Multiple World Championships Several members of the Datu’s Tribe Competition Team from Horizon Martial Arts, West Seneca, NY, ranging in age from 7 to 15, recently travelled to Winnipeg, Manitoba to compete in the 6th World...

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