“Training with Tim is like training with me.”

The late GM Remy A. Presas (Modern Arnis)

“He is my brother’s #1 student.”  

The late GM Ernesto A. Presas (Kombatan)

Datu Tim Hartman

A friend for life and a testament to his mastering the craft of Filipino Martial Arts. Datu Tim Hartman is very well known for giving all Martial Artists a place to showcase their respective Arts. Through his honesty and dedication to the Filipino Martial Arts he has created a network of friends to help promote unity and the family aspects that all of us are trying to accomplish. He understands that as a caretaker of the Art it is his responsibility to keep the Art alive and most of all acknowledges that it is the students that give the Art “Life”.

I will always hold his friendship and his continuing accomplishments for our Art in the most Highest Regard,


Grandmaster Michael Giron
Original Giron Escrima Federation

“I appreciate Datu Tim’s well thought out progression to his teaching as well as having a personality that is entertaining, yet professional.”

Master Chris LaCava (Jung Ki Hapkido) Adjunct Professor (University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute)